Stakeholders briefed on the upcoming 2D seismic survey

A high-level stakeholder’s awareness workshop on the upcoming 2D-seismic survey on Lake Kivu was held in Rubavu on Tuesday May 11, 2021. The 2D seismic acquisition is an exploration activity aimed at imaging sedimentary layers of the subsurface area of interest.

"This exercise may help us to know more about the Kivu basin oil and gas potential. So, collaboration and facilitation from stakeholders is crucial to avoid activities interference during marine operations of seismic data acquisition.”  Chief Operations Officer of RMB Dr. Ivan TWAGIRASHEMA told stakeholders including governor of western province François HABITEGEKO.

After the data acquisition, raw data shall be processed and interpreted for geological understanding of the petroleum system to pinpoint the location of prospective drilling targets. The project is expected to cover the Rwandan side of Lake Kivu (offshore).

Geophysicists use mechanical energy to propagate the sound waves that record the underground properties on acoustic receivers called ‘hydrophones’. This energy generated by sources towed behind the vessel transmits to the subsurface under water and its reflection is recorded.

2D seismic survey which is widely used in petroleum exploration is like an industrial scale application of echography.