Hon.Francis GATARE, CEO| Rwanda Mines,Petroleum and Gas Board

The Chief Executive Officer of RMB, Hon. Francis GATARE on Sunday December 9, officiated the African Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA) workshop in Kigali.

Hosted by University of Kigali, AMLA is a workshop that brings together international and regional lecturers from Africa. The participants have engaging session on Governance and Transparency in the Extractive Industry.

AMLA is a platform where international lecturers and African students discuss Mining in Africa.

Officiating the workshop, Hon Francis Gatare elaborated on the crucial importance of professionals in the mining sector and benefits that would come from promoting the development of local legal expertise on mining law. 

“As we legislate the mining sector, one must be mindful about this very delicate balance of how to appropriately reward capital investment into the sector while at the same time providing appropriate reward for the community which has got the claim over its ownership” he said.

The Workshop also involves the production of a mining law of guiding template to assist countries in the preparation or revision of their mining laws.

The University of Kigali recently won the tender to host the AMLA 2018 in a very competitive bidding amongst several countries.

According to AMLA website, the AMLA project was initiated by the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency in 2013, and is being implemented in partnership with the African Legal Support Facility of the African Development Bank and the African Union Commission, in coordination with several African Universities.